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A Gongey is a special being. Having been created in the fiery furnaces of hell...wait...let me start over.
Back when collars were huge and pants were in the shape of bells I was born. The year was 1977. After 10 long months of gestation I was ready to join the world and make my contribution.
This blog is a record of my life. Good, bad and generally mundane!

Last week I was surfing the web for zombie related items.  I came across a board game site that had a game called Last Night on Earth The Zombie Game
.  I immediately became intrigued.  I started saving my ducats so I could get this game before Halloween.  Alas, I only made it a week before I broke down and went and bought the game.  Man, I am impatient!

Mary and I brought the game home and started learning/playing.  We fell in love right off the bat.  The game comes with a few different scenarios, but we only played the basic game(kill 15 zombies before they kill 2 of your heroes).  I am excited to play the other scenarios they have with the game.  I am already thinking of buying the Growing Hunger Expansion Pack
they have…hopefully I can hold out longer than a week! 

If you want to join us and kick some zombie butt call or email and let me know!

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18 Responses to ZOMBIES!!! Pew pew!

  1. Undead Gongey says:

    Dag yo, I want to play! *packs suitcase, stops and realizes reality*
    well…. maybe next weekend or osmething?
    We need to start filming!!! ah!

  2. mommy gongey says:

    I totally want to play. Sounds fun!

  3. Debbers says:

    I would say i will come over…But that would be a lie!!! Sounds like fun. I will have to take a rain check on that!

  4. mommy gongey says:

    hey gongey you will have to tell me how that dean koontz book is. I am looking for a good book to take on my trip next month and dean koontz is on one of my favs.

  5. Gongey says:

    Yes this series is VERY good. The first book is called Odd Thomas. I was very impressed. Normally I read books at a leisurely pace, but the Odd series I have burned through quickly!

  6. Gongeylittle says:

    I read that book!

  7. Gongeylittle says:

    oh hey, when are you genna show me how to put pictures on my website?

  8. Undead Gongey says:

    I’ll have to add that to my list of books i need to read.
    its ridiculous how many books i need to read.
    whats also ridiculous is that Ashely STILL doesnt have her pictures on her website =P

  9. mommy gongey says:

    Ashlay has a website??????

  10. Debbers says:

    What is happening for halloween there this year! what is the exciting news…

  11. Gongeylittle says:

    I did…

  12. Gongey says:

    You have already seen it Mello! lol You even made a comment on the site last year.


  13. Gongeylittle says:

    hehe, SWEET!!!! I got it going and figured out out to put pictures on. I still would like to meet with you though to figure out formatting. Ok, so you can check it out now.

  14. Undead Gongey says:

    soo… are we going to have a halloween party this year? i’ve not heard ANY news about it at all.
    and can i assume this movie isnt happening?

  15. Gongey says:

    Yes the Halloween party is October 28th at 5pm.

    Yeah our schedules never matched up, hence no movie. I need definite times that you can do it, then I can adjust my schedule. We won’t make the halloween deadline this year but at least we can make it for next year. November would be a great month to film, fall colors and all.

  16. Undead Gongey says:

    i may not be able to go to the party this year. i have Rehearsals All week next week to the first week of november
    our perfomances are on nov 7th 8th and 10th
    and yeah november would probably work better

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