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Hairy back. img_1978.jpg

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So I decided to use some advice given to me by my wise sister.  She told me she would strip baby Amanda and baby Ashley and put them on her legs(like pictured) to ‘air’ out.  While they were they she would lightly stroke their back.  I decided to put this wisdom to use, as Elias has a diaper rash(poor guy).  At first he was fussing and wiggling around, but once I started giving him his “back massage” he calmed right down and loved it!

I had a VERY hard time adjusting to the new baby schedule.  But now that he is growing so fast I can already tell I am going to miss that time span.  Just for the fact of how tiny and helpless he was. 
But I am very excited for the toddlers years, except for the more rancid diapers.  I am NOT looking forward to that!

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22 Responses to What a hairy boy!

  1. Debbiegongey says:

    the funny thing is eventually you will look forward to the more solid poopies…some how it all works out! he is a cutie! Premies always have lots O’hair! they loose it quickly!

  2. Undead Gongey says:

    I was born with A black patch of fuzz when i was born (on my head)
    then it fell off and my hair turned blonde blonde

  3. Gongey Kong says:

    I was two days late and I was very bald… I wonder if my mom shined my head…. haha

  4. mommy gongey says:

    Adam was totally hairy like that. It seemed like the closer we got to his due date the less it got. Unlike elias it was blonde hair. Elias looks way more hairier (if that is a word) because his hair is so dark. He is so beautiful. I am so happy for you to experience this.

  5. Gongey says:

    Thx! This has been a very good learning experience! It’s getting easier and easier as I learn more.

    Syd: Your hair turned blond because I dropped you in a vat of bleach…accidentally of course!

    Ciara: Your mom didn’t shine your head I did! I would take you over to one of those car buffers and shine away! You would shine so much we had to wear sun glasses when we took you out side!

  6. Undead Gongey says:

    Oh thats why…. it must have just got to my head.
    this…. explains alot!
    wow life just made sense!!!

  7. Gongey Kong says:

    haha.. maybe that’s why I am such a Bright kid in school!

  8. Redneck Gongey says:

    Sorry, I have not posted in awhile but with my brothers passing and my work schedule it seems like I have no time to do anything,

    Anyhoo. What a cute kid! I need to get over there and see him in person.
    I am going to be a Grandpa (again) really soon. My daughter does not seem to know what causes this……SIGH

  9. Gongey says:

    What causes kids?!??

  10. mommy gongey says:

    UHMMMM Gongey you need to have a “talk” with your mommy:)

  11. Undead Gongey says:

    Or your wife….

  12. gonginatorsue says:

    Funny how experience makes you wiser (note: I intentionally did not mention age makes one wiser) Well Kris is a very hairy boy still and he was not a preemie. Take a close look and see he has a tiny moostach and pair of chops. His back is pretty furry still. Looks like he will have to shave by the time he is 10. I ‘ll make him grow it out so he can impress all the gringas!

  13. Gongey says:

    Haha perfect. Little mexicano with a full on beard by the time he’s 15!

  14. Undead Gongey says:

    I cant stand it when boys dont shave their faces….
    Mustaches and some hair on the chin are fine but whne they dont shave for days and its all over…… *shudders*
    I really hate that..

  15. Gongey says:

    Hey by the time Kris gets his facial hair I MIGHT have enough to grow a small beard!!!

    Syd: Yeah i hate it when I kiss a guy and they don’t shave! 😉 lol

  16. GongimusPrime says:

    Wow! Elias nearly has as nice a coat as I do. I am still keeping an eye out for the silver stripe to appear in mine, so I know I am dominant.

    It looks like he’ll keep the hair on his head though. Poor littly Hughbie lost his hair on top and looked like an old man when he was 1 month old.

    Here is a pic of him with his old man look. This could be my fav picture of him, he just looks like an old man yelling from a porch at kids.

    Eli is a great little baby, you guys are very blessed. I love his eyes in these pictures, he looks so much more aware of what’s around him.

  17. Gongey says:

    Yeah I think Stephanie has the silver stripe in your house! 😀

  18. Undead Gongey says:

    Brian: yeah i know where you are coming from with the kissing boys with facial hair. hahah.

  19. Undead Gongey says:

    wow its like the winter has sucked everyone dry of imagination or good things to talk about.
    C’mon people!!

  20. mommy gongey says:

    I agree syd there is not much going on here!

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