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A Gongey is a special being. Having been created in the fiery furnaces of hell...wait...let me start over.
Back when collars were huge and pants were in the shape of bells I was born. The year was 1977. After 10 long months of gestation I was ready to join the world and make my contribution.
This blog is a record of my life. Good, bad and generally mundane!


Here I sit in California, away from my week old baby, thinking how awesome life is.  I never realized I would experience such a gambit of emotions over such a short period of time.  Fear, helplessness, joy, excitement, happiness, you name it I experienced it.  I think ahead and know without a doubt I would do absolutely anything for my little guy.  Although it has only been just a few days, he has touched me, emotionally, more deeply than I ever thought possible.
It’s hard for me to imagine what will happen in the future, but I hope one thing will be certain, my ability to be a good dad. 
I know it is going to be fun!

I look back at all the things people would say about their kids; How difficult it was or how tired they are. I always thought “yeah right, i don’t see how you can be tired” or “it can’t be that hard”.  Well…how wrong I was!  I was SO TIRED the first 3 nights, I thought I was going to fall over sleeping.  As far as the difficulty, it’s difficult to adjust and learn but it’s the good kind of difficult.  The kind that builds a person into something better.  I look forward to the challenges I am about to face with fear, but also with excitement.  Because I know when I look back I will see how far I have come and how much of a better person I have become.

To all the parents who ever told me it was difficult or tiring:  I completely believe you and I am starting to understand your pain!  😉

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33 Responses to The Sleeper Has Awakened

  1. mommy gongey says:

    You made me cry!!! It is true what you say about it being a good kindof difficult. It is hard to describe. So why are you in Cali?

  2. Gongeylittle says:

    That was the most serious but most awesomest post ever!!! He is soo adorable, you deserve to be happy.

  3. DebbieGongey says:

    that was awesome I think every first time parent gets that rude awakening that first week..no worries all the sudden you will have a routine and a hang of it. you will always have fears and worries but being a parent starts to come to you…not that it is easy or perfect ever…but all the sudden it will flow and it will feel like you were never with out you little ones! It is so cool to love something so much! you are gunna be a pro!

  4. Gongey Kong says:

    He is so adorable! That was touching Bri.

  5. Gongey says:

    Thanks! I was in Cali for a packaging tradeshow for our business. It was just me and my mom. We had a pretty good time!

  6. mommy gongey says:

    That’s cool. Sounds exciting!

  7. Undead Gongey says:

    (gives Standing ovation *yay yay yay*)
    haha Brian i’m so thrilled for you two. I really love this post

  8. Redneck Gongey says:

    Very nice post. You and Mary will do great, but yeah, I still have those fears with all the kids. Sometimes I sit and watch Kris and am totally amazed at how far he has come since we got that crying little boy that first night. I sit in total awe as I think of how much he has changed my life.
    These are just a couple of the emotions You Guys get to look forward to.
    I like that first picture, he looks so….”What kind of mischief can I get into first?”

  9. gonginatorsue says:

    AWWW! definately a cutee! I have to say as tiny as he is, he can sure shoot a stream of pee. I have to say I am honored to have been puked, peed, and pooped on all in one day by the same small human. He is a sweet baby. I am a lucky Aunt.

  10. Gongey says:

    HAHA! You have been initiated by ELIAS 5000. He is really an alien and that’s his way of marking you for safekeeping. Every one that isn’t marked is targeted for mind control. You know…the usual stuff associated with alien takeovers.

  11. Undead Gongey says:

    Good thing i’ve got that rocket of mine prepared for any of the following reasons:
    Zombie apocolypse
    A Black Death Pandemic… and anything that wipes out a whole human race type thing
    so dont think i forgot the aliens. I knew it was coming
    you just didnt believe me!! but you WILL believe me! you think i’m crazy but i’m the only one here whos NOT crazy!!!
    *runs away laughing hysterically*

  12. Gongimus Prime says:

    Congratulations man!

    The pictures look awesome. That was an excellent post, it nearly made my tear duct think it had the ability to make tears again, then it subsided with a heavy dose of testosterone powered “men don’t cry” logic.

    I get chills when I look at the pics of Eli, and then at Hugh. It’s like “Kirk and Brian, Part II!! Smaller, Cuter, and ready to wreak havoc!”

    I fear the day you and I get woke up by a phone call to come downtown and pickup the boys from the Police Dept. Karma is about to take us for a ride while our parents look on smiling with a sense of satisfaction that I for one, do not care for…. not even a little.

    Congratulations again man. Many happy days to come.

  13. Gongey says:

    HAHA! I fear the same thing! If they are anything like us they will get away with most of the shenanigans they pull. Hopefully they don’t write in any wet cement. Although thinking back on that we did get out of school to clean up our mess AND your mom made us a good lunch!

    I can’t wait to look out the back window and see the two of them tooling around in the backyard.

  14. Undead Gongey says:

    thats a scary thought…. hahah
    thats actually pretty awesome

  15. Gongimus Prime says:

    I can still clearly remember ditching Jr. High, huddled under the road in that cement ditch. There were sirens and I was so sure they were for us for cutting class.

    The we booked it to your house and layed low playing punchout and Bionic Commando. I hope these two get a chance to experience friendship like that. You may not always make the right choice, but you stick together in the bad ones, and felt like outlaws on the lamb.

  16. Gongey Kong says:

    Cutting Class! that is no example for Elias. Shame on you both. But anyway Syd be watching because you never know when I might brain wash you! MUAHAHAHA!

  17. Undead Gongey says:

    You arent smart enough to brainwash me
    Its just not possible. I’m not scared of brain washing anyways

  18. Gongey says:

    Oh man that is so funny about ditching and the sirens! Oh man those were some damn fun times. I agree with your comment about friends and sticking with them during the bad times. Punchout and Bionic Command are still fun games. Not as involved as when we were kids but fun and nostalgic none the less.

    Syd, Ciara: brainwashing? don’t you know the pictures i put on this site have hidden messages in them? You are already under my control, i just need to say the activating word and you will do what i say!

  19. Undead Gongey says:

    no wonder….
    well now that everything makes sense now…..

  20. Undead Gongey says:

    that doesnt mean people stop talking!!!

  21. Gongeylittle says:

    ya….it’s the 10th now….fun day…not. i need a vacation.

  22. GongimusPrime says:

    I mean to say “allegedly cutting class”, as I recall it we had a get out of school free pass.

    I am super excited to watch these two poop factories grow up. Since Eli was early, they are both he and Hugh are born in the year of the golden pig, this occurs only once every 600 years. Not sure how much stock to put in astrology, however a quick internet query returned the following results.

    Chinese Zodiac says that the Year of the Golden Fire Pig comes only once every 600 years and rumor has it, 2007 is this special year. It is Golden because the combination of elemental Fire, the sign Pig, and Yin/Yang components bring this year once every six centuries!

    In addition to this, here are the other Astrology stats:

    Eli = Aquarius

    Good Traits:
    Friendly and Humanitarian
    Honest and Loyal
    Original and Inventive
    Independent and Intellectual

    Negative Traits:
    Intractable and Contrary
    Perverse and Unpredictable
    Unemotional and Detached.

    Hugh = Scorpio

    Good Traits:
    Determined and Forceful
    Emotional and Intuitive
    Powerful and Passionate
    Exiting and Magnetic

    Negative Traits:
    Jealous and Resentful
    Compulsive and Obsessive
    Secretive and Obstinate

    This should be a fun ride, lookout world!

  23. Undead Gongey says:

    Dude thats really cool, where did you get that information about the year of the pig?

  24. mommy gongey says:

    The cutting class remark reminds me of the year that gongey’s mom checked me and the twinner out of school for a special birthday lunch and she kept us out all day and we went bowling too. My parental unit was not very happy but we sure were. Good times, good times:))))))

  25. Debbie says:

    LOL susan is a fun one! every one needs a cool auntie like that right. I was lucky my aunties are all cool!

  26. Debbiegongey says:

    oops I forgot gongey in my name!

  27. GongimusPrime says:

    I don’t have one specific source, but if you google the Chinese zodiac, Year of the Pig, and Golden, you’ll find tons of results. We first heard about it on the news one night while eating dinner.

    The actual element is fire for 2008, however something with the year also alters it to gold. I know that births in China in 2008 were way, way up due to the lucky sign.

    I don’t put tons of stock into stuff like this, but it’s interesting to see the similarities in signs and people, and a pretty fun thing to read up on.

  28. Gongey says:

    Yeah it’s interesting but I don’t put much into either. Especially considering how the regular zodiac(not the chinese one) is messed up. We are one full sign ahead. Here is a Bill Nye describing it:

  29. mommy gongey says:

    Hey gongey I need some more pics of the lil one:))

  30. Undead Gongey says:

    Thats really interesting the Atrology thing
    Makes me think about it a whole lot more

  31. Gongey says:

    Knowledge is POWER!

    I will get some more pics up soon. You checked out Iviefamily.com/gallery right?

  32. mommy gongey says:

    Yeah like every day :)))

  33. Gongey says:

    I’m a little late to this post. Sue your comment about how he can shoot a stream of pee made me laugh!

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