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A Gongey is a special being. Having been created in the fiery furnaces of hell...wait...let me start over.
Back when collars were huge and pants were in the shape of bells I was born. The year was 1977. After 10 long months of gestation I was ready to join the world and make my contribution.
This blog is a record of my life. Good, bad and generally mundane!

Ahh…The joys of slave labor!  Err…The joys of forced labor?!  How about the joys of teaching!  Ashley decided she wanted to learn how to change the oil in a vehicle.  So being the nice and considerate slave driver…I mean Uncle I showed her the basics of oil changing.
I have to say I was suprised by her willingness to get dirty.  She was a great slave…student.  She dug right in and in no time we had the oil changed! 

You can view all the pictures by clicking here. 

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7 Responses to Texas Tea?

  1. Smash says:

    I look like a dork in all the pictures, that’s not cool!

  2. Scott says:

    Sweet, now I can have her do the truck, the expidition, the shadow…..hmmmmmm, I wonder if she can flush a cooling system too?

  3. Smash says:

    Dont be surprised if im not home. I’ll be in DISNEYLAND!!!! grrr! Are you guilty yet?

  4. Gongey says:

    Yeah Disneyland…ah the good times that will be had! 🙂
    Guilty?! I will be having too much fun to be guilty! MWA HAHAHA!

    Scott: I think if you hook up enough electricity to her she will do anything you say!

  5. Smash says:

    Don’t get to excited. Really.

  6. Gongeylittle says:

    When are you going to do a disneyland blog or a YAY SUMMER’S OUT blog? What are you going to do without me this week? I’m going camping.

  7. Good observation, your ideas are right on.

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