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A Gongey is a special being. Having been created in the fiery furnaces of hell...wait...let me start over.
Back when collars were huge and pants were in the shape of bells I was born. The year was 1977. After 10 long months of gestation I was ready to join the world and make my contribution.
This blog is a record of my life. Good, bad and generally mundane!

Okay as I was posting this I just realized I have a toilet theme with the past two posts?!

Being bored I decided to hit a matinee today; I went to see Scary Movie 4.  I was doubtful this was going to be any good, even though the previews for it looked decent.  Plus I was in the mood for a comedy.  I have to say it was pretty funny.  If you have seen all the movies they spoofed it makes it that much better.

All in all I would say that it’s a matinee or rental.  Its a pretty funny show. 

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2 Responses to Scary toilet theme?

  1. Clarrisa says:

    Hey, Bri! Very nice blog! You are a funny guy, I’ll have to add “Read gongey.com” as part of my daily computer routine! ha ha. Talk to you later bro.

  2. Gongey says:

    haha! I need a pic of you so I can add it to the top of this blog!

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