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A Gongey is a special being. Having been created in the fiery furnaces of hell...wait...let me start over.
Back when collars were huge and pants were in the shape of bells I was born. The year was 1977. After 10 long months of gestation I was ready to join the world and make my contribution.
This blog is a record of my life. Good, bad and generally mundane!

Over the past 2 years I have been scanning all my pictures in and storing them on my hard drive to later back up on DVD.  As I go through the pictures I just think to myself “wow that was a long time ago” or “dang that was a fun time in my life”.  So my charge to anyone who is reading this; go out and dig up your old photos and start looking through them!
You will be amazed and excited over the fit of nostalgia you are bound to have.  Some of the pictures I pulled out brought back memories I forgot were there!  It’s amazing what survives in the long term storage section of your brain. 
If at all possible PLEASE scan your photos and back them up!  It will be a benefit to you AND your (future) family members.  Plus it really doesn’t take that much space.  It doesn’t take any at all if you back them up to CD-R or DVD-R.  I am eventually going to get a safety deposit box to store all my DVD’s of photos. 

Anyway, here is a picture of yours truly in the early (innocent?) years!  The first one the Hard family will surely recognize, as that was their van in the background.  Risa in the window and John in the street.
The second picture is of me and Ryan in the old TV room of Grandpa and Grandma Ivies house.  I remember this picture really well as we had just argued over who got to lick the bowl(the blue one between us).  As you can see I am pissed off and pouting!   hahaha!

*NOTE: the 2nd picture is a link to bigger a image.



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27 Responses to Picture fun-i-tude

  1. it looks like ryan was having sugar low in the picture!such classic pics!!!!

  2. Gongeylittle says:

    Haha. How old were you before you began to learn how to share?

  3. mommy gongey says:

    Gongey I hate to be the one to tell you that you were always pouting back in the day. It’s that baby of the family thing!

  4. Gongey says:

    yes how else were we supposed to deal with the older siblings?!?!

    Although the punch real hard and run to mom trick was pretty nice sometimes. 😀

  5. Undead Gongey says:

    Wow…. that seems like a long time ago!
    I get nostalgic about things even though i was never there!
    how weird.
    i miss that house

  6. Undead Gongey says:

    i like that song by the way. The cure makes me happy
    Brian you and my mom influenced me to love music from before my time
    I thank you for that! I believe its better than alot of music from this little time era

  7. Gongey says:

    I agree it was a house full of memories for everyone I am sure. Woops on that song…i was just testing the link and forgot to delete it after I was done. doh

  8. Undead Gongey says:

    so? i enjoyed that little bit of it

  9. Gongey says:

    Yes come May 23rd I will be even more happy. The Cure will be in concert here in Utah! Yay!

  10. Gongeylittle says:

    and you’re taking me. YAY! jk. that would be cool though.

  11. Man I wish I could go!!!! that would be awesome!

  12. Gongey says:

    I will take anyone who pays for their own ticket! 😉

  13. Gongeylittle says:

    Sweet! Now that I am exceedingly wealthy……

  14. superfly gongey says:

    Those were the days!! I love G&G’s t.v. room and the front yard my two favorite spots! Man I think I might start choken up thinking about it.

    Hey Gongeylittle i’m so glad that you are exceedingly weathly! LOL

  15. superfly gongey says:

    Those were the days!! I love G&G’s t.v. room and the front yard my two favorite spots! Man I think I might start choken up thinking about it.

    Hey Gongeylittle i’m so glad that you are exceedingly weathly! LOL

    Is john riding my purple scooter?

  16. Undead Gongey says:

    Hey how much are the tickets?!?!
    i want to come!!

  17. Gongey says:

    Hahhaa! Yes John is riding your purple scooter!

    Tickets are $50, $40, $30
    I would suggest we get the $50 but I am open to anything you guys can afford.

  18. man that bites….I live to far it would cast me more than that!!!

  19. Gongey says:

    That would be a blast to have a big ol’ group going. More the merrier!

  20. Gongeylittle says:

    k count me in. within two paychecks ill have the 50 dollar, and ill drive so I don’t have to pay for gas..haha jk.

  21. Undead Gongey says:

    i’ll start seeing what i can get…..
    I dont have a job

  22. Gongey says:

    Just save $1 for 50 days and you have your ticket in 2 months time!

  23. mommy gongey says:

    Hey Undead I know how you can earn some moo la. I know three little boys that love babysitters!!!!!

  24. Undead Gongey says:

    haha if you are implying you need a babysitter i could totally help you with that

  25. Gongeylittle says:

    or you could just start working at your local grocery store.

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