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A Gongey is a special being. Having been created in the fiery furnaces of hell...wait...let me start over.
Back when collars were huge and pants were in the shape of bells I was born. The year was 1977. After 10 long months of gestation I was ready to join the world and make my contribution.
This blog is a record of my life. Good, bad and generally mundane!

I sat pondering what to write my next entry about with nothing coming to my mind.  So I closed my eyes and forced myself to think of something.  During this time my mind starts wandering down some strange path.  I start thinking about what I would do if I had a couple million dollars, which led my brain down another path; I started thinking of how I would build my house considering I had a large budget.
Somehow I snapped back from my mental wanderings and I thought of my blog entry:  What I think about when I want to go to sleep or just plain day dream.

I think it started when I was 14 or 15. We were living in Grandpa Ivies house in Orem.  During the summer nights I would walk over to Geneva Elementary and just sit in the swings and stare up at the stars while I day dreamed about space or other fun non-sense.
I started thinking how I would LOVE to explore space, but I wouldn’t want to leave my family to super extended lengths of time.  I also started thinking about how I would survive out there.  And once out there, in space, how would I find my way back home?  So after a few nights of thinking things through I finally figured out what I would need.  Which led me to thinking about how I would get something like what I am about to describe.  It would have to be in a well worded wish.  You know because wishes are real and genies are out there!  😉
So if I were to get 3 wishes, one of my wishes would entail the following:
I would wish for a force field that would cover my entire body, leaving about 1/4 inch of space around my skin.  It would have the following qualities:

  • Completely impenetrable, it would only allow safe levels of light and sound through.
  • It produced breathable air and maintain a nice 73 degree temperature inside.
  • Automatic; it would turn on automatically when it sensed I was in mortal peril.
  • I could control the field and wrap it around anything/anyone.
  • It would be able to travel at any speed and even fold space.
  • There would be a HUD(heads up display) that would show a map of my travels and how to get back to Earth.
  • It had the ability to go invisible.  Which I would use while exploring alien worlds, just in case they were hostile.

  Since that summer I have thought back to that wish MANY times.  Most of the time I use it when I can’t fall asleep at night.  I will think of the different ways I could use that and how I could help mankind.  Or even what different worlds would be like.  I still love to daydream about things like that.

Apart from that wish I think the second most wish I think about is the ability to heal.  No matter what the problem I would be able to heal it.  How cool would that be?!
Another wish I thought about would be the ability to speak every language known to man fluently, including every dialect and slang variant.
One wish that Kirk, my best friend, thought of was a pair of pants or a wallet that always had the exact amount of money you needed at the time.  So you could buy anything you wanted with cash!

This post is rather a personal one, seeing as I am telling you, and basically the world, my inner thoughts.  So don’t think me anymore psycho than I am already!

What are some of your wishes?

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93 Responses to Mind numbing thoughts

  1. I think mine would be like kirks I always thing about money! what would I do if we some how got hundreds of millions of dollars. Not that I just think wow I could do this and that…I think I would get my family this, jen that my parents this and a house in Utah so I had a place to see family…but it had to have all the fun stuff so we could have the huge family partys but every one could stay the night and there were pools and spa’s and just a fun place to be…I guess the money stems from trying to be closer and help family cuz in my mind I dont want a million dollar house…(cuz then I would have to clean it)…I would get one that was comfortable. I wouldn’t buy expensive cars I like my XB just fine and wouldn’t mind one more for Josh! Josh and I talk about it and he says he would still work….and we would live off of what he makes Still ( with everything paid off I think that would be easy) and we would use the other for retirement and when others need help. We wouldnt want our kids growing up getting eerything they want. we want them to live normal lives to…

    So if I could think this indepth about money…I think that it is very normal for you to think indepth about things that you dream of!

  2. mommy gongey says:

    Here is a money one too! I always imagine going to vegas and winning the jackpot and giving my family part of the money too. I think it would be awesome if my parents and brothers and sisters wouldn’t ever have to worry about finances and we could all just have fun together. Live worriless lives. How would that be.

    I have also imagined doing something great with my life. Something that would effect the world. I don’t know what that would be. Maybe cure diabetes or something huge like that. But since I only have the brain of a stay at home mom and not a rocket scientist this little dream of mine probably won’t happen but it is fun to dream right?

  3. Gongey says:

    Exactely, it’s fun to dream. Plus it takes us away from our daily lives, even if it’s just for a moment.

  4. Redneck Gongey says:

    I will have to get back to you on this
    I have so many dreams and fantasies that I will think it all out and maybe combine 2 or 3

  5. Undead gongey says:

    I have many.. I used to wish i could do magik. I also wanted to be half faeri. haha
    no i think what i want is to be able to solve conflicts when i try, me and my friends Always have conflicts
    and i want everyone to know what its like when no one was mean and everyone liked each other.
    another is being able to process lots of information while i’m in school, well all my life
    i have the hardest time trying to remember so much stuff.
    And i also wish that i can get in to a good school where i can get some sort of degree in music. I dont know what i’d do without being able to play all my life , my mom doesnt play the violin as much anymore and i dont want it to be like that!

  6. Redneck Gongey says:

    Good story and Picture of Mary Christmas on harktheherald.com
    She is famous! Okay well a local celebrity anyway…

  7. Gongey says:

    Yeah Syd keep playing! Maybe Julliard will call ya!

    Mary is now in the following papers:
    Salt Lake Tribune
    Daily Herald

    TV Shows:
    Fox News (utah)
    Sacremento morning show(this saturday)


  8. Redneck Gongey says:

    That is great, now I can stop stalking celebs from out of state and focus on a local celeb 🙂

  9. Undead Gongey says:

    thats all i have to say to you

  10. Undead Gongey says:

    Thats cool thats she’s famous now.
    i sure hope the Tabloids dont start showing up
    that’d suck when she’s having her baby the press is there and ready to tell the readers
    MARY CHRISTMAS and her baby Jiminy!
    see about the baby that was born a few months after christmas and why the readers were absolutly shocked at this new developement on Mrs Mary Christmas.

  11. Superfly Gongey says:

    LOL Jiminy!

  12. Gongey says:

    Yumping Yiminy! I think we are going to go with Cornelius for the name. We wanted something really out there!

  13. Redneck Gongey says:

    I like it….kinda sounds like an explorer or something…do not ask where that comes from for I do not know, that is just the first thing that came to my mind

  14. Undead Gongey says:

    It reminds me of Corned beef

  15. Gongeylittle says:

    haha. it reminds me of fudge. mmm….fudge! Okay so i want to include my thoughts in this topic. I always wanted to be able to understand the human behaviors. As a part of that i wanted to be able to read minds. I think i would be so cool if i could get someone exactly what they wanted even if they never said that was what they wanted. Hey!!!! Guess what??!?! Christmas Eve is tomorrow! Cant wait!

  16. Gongey Kong says:

    I have always wanted to be able to fly. i mean if everyone could fly. BOOM! no more polution from cars. I also wish that evryone in the world would have enough money and food (without becoming selfish and greedy) so they could all live in houses. My third wish would be that the world would be indesetructalbe and wouls grow enough that we could have pretty forests agaian. If I got a fourth wish then i wouldmake every plant so it couldn’t die but the plants would accumulate evrywhere.
    Cornelius…….. hmm…….. fudge…… mm….. don’t you think that when he grows up people will call him Cornelius Fudge and stuff and that he will have all sorts of weird nicknames like corny..? EWWW I just thought of what the name reminds me of it reminds me of something on your foot! Your choice Bri… your choice..


  18. ( Flips open communication device ) Kirk here… ( chirp chirrp)

    If I had a wish today, I am not sure I would go with the unlimited funds wish, although that would be sweet, especially for a geek!

    I would wish for the ability to time travel. This wish has awesome possibilities, the first of which is the stock market. So now I have my first wish covered with a few “lucky” investments.

    I could also make very important decisions on a whim and if it didn’t work out, go back and advise myself to make another choice.

    Oh!!! And to stop aging, and have a body that will maintain my desired shape and fitness level regardless of diet and exercise.

    OH!!!!!! And a bottomless box of Zingers!!! No explanation needed here, it would be awesome. And a never ending 12 pack of Pepsi. And a Starbucks in my front yard that is staffed 24×7. And a self cleaning house…

  19. Undead Gongey says:

    thats not alot.

  20. mommy gongey says:

    Welcome gongimus prime!!!!! I am with ya on the zinger thing 🙂

  21. Undead Gongey says:

    zingers sound intoxicatingly good right now

  22. Gongey says:

    Yeah I agree time travel would be very awesome! Now I want either some Zingers or frozen Twinkies.mmmmm

  23. I was thinking the rasberry filled powered donughts sounded good!

  24. Gongey says:

    That sounds great as well!

  25. Merry says:

    These are my dreams and wishes. Although I don’t really trust genies. They seem to always be trying to trick you.

    I used to alway wish I could change into any animal I wanted and also to be able to read minds when I wanted.

    I would day dream about having many talents and skills, that I could speak several different languages, know how to survive off the land, like what’s edible and how to make shelters etc, That I would be able to defend myself or anyone else around me when needed and always conquer.

    That I could play several different musical instruments and know how to dance. That I could learn anything else I wanted to and have extra learning ability to learn quickly.

    Whenever I hear news about schools being held hostage and children being abused I or killed, I wish I could’ve been there to fight and stop(kill) them. To stop other horrible things too but that was the first that came to me. (I wish this one so bad!!).

    I wish to have great wisdom, that the things I say will really help people, get into their hearts and make them see things in a different light.

    That I could heal broken hearts, encourage people and help people to have hope and happiness.

    I wish I could have the right thing to say when needed, whether it’s funny or serious or an awkward situation.

    I wish to have happiness and peace in my heart no matter what is happening in my life. To have confidence and inner strength. To be able to make good decisions and not regret them.

    Mary Christmas

  26. gongeylittle says:

    Thoes are good. Although im sure you’ve already accomplished some of thoes things like how you were taking kung fu.

  27. Merry says:

    I hope so, but I’ve only ever used it in class and I got beat up all the time.

    Did everyone have a good Christmas?

  28. We had a fun one you can go to debnjoshwilliams.blogspot.com to see pics of the kids opening presents. we are all sick so it took a bit away from the day.

    I forgot to add to my dream that I would like to travel and just take pictures..I love taking pictures and I think it would be fun to beable to do that for fun and for a living!

  29. or you can lick on my name ahhhuuuugha gongey and it will tak you to my other blog they are both different and have different things on them!

  30. Undead Gongey says:

    you hear that Mary? you can lick on her name
    What the??

  31. Gongey says:

    Ummmm….no please don’t try it!

    I was talking with Mary about her thoughts/wishes and we have the same thoughts about helping people and learning survival skills. It’s kind of scary in a way, thinking we have the drive to learn these things, because we will most likely have to put them to use.

  32. Undead Gongey says:

    I like yours mary
    i wish i could help people too
    my attempts most of the time fail. but i keep trying.

  33. Gongeylittle says:

    Keep moving forward! I love that movie. ten points to whoever guesses it.

  34. Undead Gongey says:

    isnt there a few movies with that line?
    i mean seriously
    How can you possibly Think that we could get inside your head and know EXACTLY what movie it is??
    i mean c’mon! not EVERYONE has a Get-inside-someones-head-doohicky
    now do we?

  35. Merry says:

    Hey Gongey little, is it a Disney movie?

    I actually cheated and looked it up (so no points for me). I won’t say what it is. It is a movie I have never seen or heard of so I just wanted to see if I found the right thing.

  36. Merry says:

    Or if it could be the right movie…

  37. Merry says:

    I just realized we totally spaced off that play we were going to go to, doh!

  38. oh the joys of pregnance and forgetfulness…

  39. Redneck Gongey says:

    I too want to learn survival skills, I think as long as I can remember that has always been something I want to do….I learned some in the Army but I would like to learn from Les Stroud, Or Bear might be able to teach me to live in a Hotel while I pretend to be surviving 🙂

  40. The movie is Meet the Robinsons.

    Thanks to my 7 yr old who I just watched it with. If you have not seen it, it’s a great family flick with good comedy for the adults too.

    I would like to close with an extra nerdy quote..

    “I AM KIRKIMUS PRIME!!!!” I may have modified it, but it sounds better… don’t you think??

  41. mommy gongey says:

    I like kirkimus prime better too!!!!!

  42. Undead Gongey says:

    Mary i cant believe you forgot about the play thing!!
    i will never forgive you!!
    (er…. maybe next time yeah?)

  43. Gongey says:

    I just like Kirk…wink wink 😉

  44. Undead Gongey says:


  45. Merry says:

    Oh, that’s funny!

    Undead you really must forgive me!

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