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Ok it’s time to sound off with all the things you like to do while camping.  Personally I like riding 4 wheelers, playing night games(with the right amount of people) and sitting chatting around the fire.  Oh and recently I enjoy flying my R/C planes and having people try and shoot them down!  That was fun.

Let’s start chatting about what we want to do, so we can have an idea when we get out there!

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38 Responses to Easter Campout

  1. Gongey Kong says:

    ya first comment i like rving um i like night games will at least 6 people that is best i want to take up the sport of shooting down your airplane (just kidding) i would like to paint ball but it hurts to much if the dune buggy is working i would like to do that and other cool stuff with u guys.

  2. Undead gongey says:

    scary bunny……..Where are we going to go? San Rafael? Cherry… oh waterever it is. Four wheeling no doubt. uhm…. If they do paint ball i’d do it but i dont know how well that’d work for me, dont have any equipment. yeah I like telling scary stories, thats always fun.
    also ciara Just a suggestion, when you type on the computer try to add periods and commas . Its hard to see where your sentances end.

  3. Gongey says:

    Probably not paintballing. I am working on a potato gun that the younger folk can shoot. It’s probably even more powerful than my last one!
    So yes everyone can take a shot at my plane. 😀

    Yes we are going to cherry creek. BTW, you should go to http://www.iviefamily.com
    We have a forum there that will be a help to you two! 😉

    Oh that’s Frank the Bunny from Donnie Darko.

  4. Undead gongey says:

    I go to the website, but i really dont go on it often, to busy. I get pictures of the family off of it but I avoid forums as much as possible, unless i really am required to and i’m caught up on the subject. okay cool Cherry creek sounds awesome, its pretty fun up there.

  5. Gongey says:

    What the?!?! Your family isn’t a priority or a good subject?!?! Damn…. 🙁

  6. Undead gongey says:

    I have alot of things to do! I check whenever I need to, but i hate replying on a forum after a lot of replies to it. I didnt say that my family isnt a good subject. I just am really busy lately. I check it once and a while but i can usually get the information i need from some one in the family.

  7. Deerkiller Gongey says:

    Sad news….the dune buggy has gone bye bye. It was to much upkeep. But the four wheeling sounds fun. I am going to take my guns and do some bunnyblasting….hope frank is not there, I would just have to fill him full o lead. I think just plain camping and campfire shatting and stuff sounds fun.

  8. Undead gongey says:

    well we can stand not having the dune buggy. I love just camping anyways :). these camping trips are always fun

  9. Gongey says:

    Yeah either way it sounds fun. 😀 Just being with all you geeks will be fun enough for me. Good point on the guns, that will be good time for guns, nobody will be out there except for us.


  10. Undead gongey says:

    that bunny is REALLY freakin’ me out. hahaha. Donnie darko huh? sounds familiar

  11. Gongey says:

    It’s pretty good, but weird.

  12. Gongeylittle says:

    What i liked most about camping was the funnest thing we did. Played Baseball. Americas favorite past-time. Or for you foolish people who think that baseball is dumb because you only got to watch or you fall into peer pressure too easily, there is always kick-ball, or four goal soccer.

    And I am extremely dissappointed that we have not said fluffy bunny. We can make a rule saying that Brian can’t play for those who won’t play because of him. And we can make prizes. SOUNDS LIKE FUN!!!!

  13. Gongey says:

    You’re just jealous ‘cuz i am the champ

  14. Undead gongey says:

    That AND you have the biggest mouth. I think We definatly should play fluffy bunny. Good job Ash

  15. Gongey says:

    All right, I will make a trophy that will get passed down to each Champ. That champ has to pass it to the next person who wins at the next family camp out. If the champ isn’t there or refuses to play then the winner of the players who did play is the new champ.

    Sound Fair!?

  16. Deerkiller Gongey says:

    What do you mean Brian can’t play. Part of the fun is trying to take his fluffy bunny crown……Hey there is the trophy a CROWN, A FLUFFY BUNNY CROWN!

  17. Gongey says:

    sweet, i even have a crown I can modify.

  18. Undead gongey says:

    Kool i cant wait!

  19. Gongeylittle says:

    Cool! now all we have to figure out is…Who’s genna buy the baseball bat? To play Baseball not take down Brian if that’s what your thinking…. Think about it you’ll catch on to what I just said, and if you didn’t then read back to Brians comments for the rules on how to win.

  20. Gongey Kong says:

    wow i missed a lot. we could also have water balloon fights cause it gets hot up the. But maybe to much water. Last time i played fluffy bunny i got two in my mouth. Ash are you ‘the fluffiest fluffy bunny in all the world.’ ? anyway on the fluffy bunny crown you coould put a fat fluffy bunny on it and the points marshmellows! X> Oh and I might bring a friends since I have noone my age and I need someone there. So watchout it might be my loud friend. But if you luck out it will be my quiet friend!

  21. Undead gongey says:

    scary 0.o
    Well i like ash’s idea about playing baseball, that’d be really fun. I love Easter camping trips ^^ they are really fun

  22. Gongey Kong says:

    my loud friend can’t come so im gonna ask my quiet freind. i like easter camouts too. ^^

  23. Gongey says:

    Cool cool. If we don’t have enough players for baseball we can play the English equivalent: Cricket. It’s similar but takes fewer people. And it’s fun! 😀
    We used to play it at all of our family campouts. We stopped a few years back and never started again, now we can change that!

  24. Undead gongey says:

    Never played but im game! Oh you guys I have a play coming up that im in and you are all invited, call me if you want to come because its going to be awesome

  25. Gongey says:

    I would love to, when is it? Hopefully not this next week. I am going on a cruise that week. 😀

  26. Undead gongey says:

    lol no of course not, its the end of the month. The 28th-30th Its at seven i think, But i’ll definatly tell you what time it is when i realy know. its a 2.00 admission. If you want to see me dance sing and fall to the floor alot of times then you should definatly come

  27. Gongey says:

    Sweet…falling, dancing and singing what more could one ask for?! 😉 I will be there.

  28. Undead gongey says:

    yay! I’ll Buy your tickets so you can get them in advance just tell me the date you would like to see it and then at the show you can pay me back the two dollars. That goes for anyone who wants to btw, i’d love for you guys to come!

  29. Gongey Kong says:

    im in a play too. its the week of may 14. I know all my lines. its not as funny. (but it is shakespear) but i never got to try out and so i got probably the crappyest part narrator 2. I am almost always off stage and i have only have six lines. But its always better than having 128 lines like this boy does.

  30. Gongey Kong says:

    btw Plays are awsome!

  31. Undead gongey says:

    Ciara being back stage is funnest! you get to mess around! Well….. I do 🙂
    but I love leads, mostly one but still ^^
    And 128 lines is nothing! Ciara you should try out for the play next year at Elk ridge. that’d be way cool

  32. Gongey Kong says:

    i will don’t worry my freind analeigh says hi. She is the one coming to the campout (the quiet one). Anyway we aren’t allowed to mess around back stage. It distratces the adiance. but who cares. i do it anyway! 😀 love ya guys!

  33. Undead gongey says:

    well you SHOULD keep quiet. My directors get extremely mad if we talk now. I get annoyed now too, we have our preformance next wednesday and we need to cut out an hour of the whole show

  34. Gongey Kong says:

    Analeigh can’t come to the campout! 🙁 but i’ll bring another one!

  35. Undead gongey says:

    Boredness…… I’m going to talk about the new Spider man movie. anyone see that way awesome Trailer after Heros? ITS GOING TO BE AWESOME!!! okay that was me being bored

  36. Gongey Kong says:

    :’ lol. ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ! now i know my ABC’s next time won’t you sing with me????? I LOVE YOU ALL.

  37. Gongey says:

    I think it’s time to start a new topic, what do you think?

  38. Undead gongey says:

    Nah… I dont think so. ^.^
    Hey brian how was your cruise?

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