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Okay I am getting waylaid with requests to put up a new post.  I admit I have been slacking this past month.  I promise to all (2) of my readers that I will update this more often! That being said here I go with the post.

Well after years, I am sure eons to Ciara, of promising to take Ciara to Disneyland, my mom decided to finally take her.  Being the extremely busy person that I am I managed to clear my busy schedule and go on the trip with them.  Plus what better way to kick of summer than to head to California!
Initially it was going to be me, mom, Sue, Mary and Ciara going.  But as life would have it, Sue and Mary couldn’t make it due to hectic schedules.  🙁  Also we were going to drive down to Disneyland.  But with the smaller group came the chance to fly down there, which I was quite glad for because I hate that drive.  Really I hate any drive that is over 10 hours!
So instead of a grueling 10 hour drive we take a 1 hour 20 minute flight and are there in no time at all!  I love flying!  Now the last time I went to Disneyland we had to park in the parking lot and walk 5 million miles to the entrance.  Thinking this would be the case again I was dreading even thinking about the walk into the park.  But as fortune would have it the hotel/motel we booked was directly across the street from the entrance!  Ah life couldn’t have been better. 
Now I have to say that 3 days was too much Disneyland.  I think 2 days is more than enough.  I really enjoyed 3 days there, but my feet and shins didn’t.  Plus having California Adventure right across the way from Disney was a welcome break.  It’s not nearly as big as Disneyland but it’s a welcome break from the Disney-assault of the senses. 
I could write a lot more about this vacation but I will end it with a list of good rides and places we enjoyed.

Fun Rides
Tower of Terror (California Adventure)
Soarin Over California (California Adventure, plus the ride pumped out scents like the areas you were flying over!)
Haunted House (Disney)
Pirates of the Carribean (Disney, didn’t make it on this one due to construction, but this ride is always the best)
Splash Mountain (Disney)
Big Thunder Mountain (Disney)
Space Mountain (Disney)
Honey I Shrunk the Audience (Disney)

We also went to Medieval Times!  That was really fun!  You can explore more by following the link to all the pictures!

Links to Pictures

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15 Responses to Disney and Summer Combo

  1. dIs Is DeM sYdS says:

    I’m still So-o jealous oF you guys!!!! I barely remember the last time I went, I mean I was only six. oh welll….. maybe when I get time to save my money =D

  2. Mahgoo says:

    You look hot in that green hat!

  3. Gongey says:

    Yeah I didn’t put on my make up that day or shave for that matter…I mean look at those whiskers!

  4. Gongeylittle says:

    HEEEEYYYY!!! Look at the date that that was all posted!!!! MY BIRTHDAY!!! You still have to take me shopping, or somethin’. Mabey Syd, Mom, Mary and I could go to disneyland next year just us.

  5. Gongey says:

    HEY!!?!?!!? What about me in the group of next year Disney’s!?

  6. ¡¤§ ¥ ð µ £ £¤¡ says:

    Hey I love that Idea! it would Be awesome! I love you Ash!

  7. Scott says:

    I guess I should just give up with ever being welcome to Disneyland

  8. ¡¤§ ¥ ð µ £ £¤¡ says:

    Scott do you want to come?¿ =D

  9. Gongeylittle says:

    Instead of Disneyland lets go to… NEW ZEALAND!!!!
    JK I’m really bored.

  10. ¡¤§ ¥ ð µ £ £¤¡ says:

    Oooh a wicked adventure.. we’ll fight giant bugs, swim in a Zombie infested lake and swing on vines… :MUAH:

  11. Like what you have to say. Your blog makes good since to me.

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