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A Gongey is a special being. Having been created in the fiery furnaces of hell...wait...let me start over.
Back when collars were huge and pants were in the shape of bells I was born. The year was 1977. After 10 long months of gestation I was ready to join the world and make my contribution.
This blog is a record of my life. Good, bad and generally mundane!

I needed to write a post just to keep the site updated, so it’s going to be about bees!

Here are some interesting facts about honeybees:

  • Pollination: Agriculture depends greatly on the honeybee for pollination. Honeybees account for 80% of all insect pollination. Without such pollination, we would see a significant decrease in the yield of fruits and vegetables.
  • Pollen: Bees collect 66 lbs of pollen per year, per hive. Pollen is the male germ cells produced by all flowering plants for fertilization and plant embryo formation. The Honeybee uses pollen as a food. Pollen is one of the richest and purest natural foods, consisting of up to 35% protein, 10% sugars, carbohydrates, enzymes, minerals, and vitamins A (carotenes), B1 (thiamin), B2 (riboflavin), B3 (nicotinic acid), B5 (panothenic acid), C (ascorbic acid), H (biotin), and R (rutine).
  • Honey: Honey is used by the bees for food all year round. There are many types, colors and flavors of honey, depending upon its nectar source. The bees make honey from the nectar they collect from flowering trees and plants. Honey is an easily digestible, pure food. Honey is hydroscopic and has antibacterial qualities. Eating local honey can fend off allergies.
  • Beeswax: Secreted from glands, beeswax is used by the honeybee to build honey comb. It is used by humans in drugs, cosmetics, artists’ materials, furniture polish and candles.
  • Propolis: Collected by honeybees from trees, the sticky resin is mixed with wax to make a sticky glue. The bees use this to seal cracks and repair their hive. It is used by humans as a health aid, and as the basis for fine wood varnishes.
  • Royal Jelly: The powerful, milky substance that turns an ordinary bee into a Queen Bee. It is made of digested pollen and honey or nectar mixed with a chemical secreted from a gland in a nursing bee’s head. It commands premium prices rivaling imported caviar, and is used by some as a dietary supplement and fertility stimulant. It is loaded with all of the B vitamins.
  • Bee Stings: The “ouch” part of the honeybee. Although sharp pain and some swelling and itching are natural reactions to a honeybee sting, a small percentage of individuals are highly allergic to bee venom. “Bee venom therapy” is widely practiced overseas and by some in the USA to address health problems such as arthritis, neuralgia, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and even MS.
  • Honeybees are not native to the USA. They are European in origin, and were brought to North America by the early settlers.
  • Honeybees are not aggressive by nature, and will not sting unless protecting their hive from an intruder or are unduly provoked.
  • Honeybees represent a highly organized society, with various bees having very specific roles during their lifetime: e.g., nurses, guards, grocers, housekeepers, construction workers, royal attendants, undertakers, foragers, etc.
  • The queen bee can live for several years. Worker bees live for 6 weeks during the busy summer, and for 4-9 months during the winter months.
  • The practice of honey collection and beekeeping dates back to the stone-age, as evidenced by cave paintings.

So there you go! Now you are armed with honeybee knowledge! If you want to come check out the hive let me know. I am going to check it tomorrow(5-14) if anyone wants to watch.

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38 Responses to Bees! Ahhh!!!

  1. Gongey Kong says:

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! NEVER!!!!!! Bees are evil… you wont EVER make me watch you check the bees. -.-

  2. Gongey says:

    You just need to come over and watch from within a protected suit. There is no way a bee will sting you. They are really nice!

  3. Deb says:

    you can even pet them with the suit on…so gentle and loving…Fun fun!!! just dont feed the stuff to your little guy until he is over 1…I am sure you know that it COULD make him really sick and end his life….that is the nicest way to say that!

  4. Gongey says:

    WHAT?!?! We have been feeding him that so it will help make it so he doesn’t have allergies…….

  5. mommy gongey says:

    very very interesting!

  6. Gongey says:

    BTW, I don’t feed Elias honey. In case you missed the humor/sarcasm in my last post. πŸ˜‰

  7. Undead Gongey says:

    Wow i’m on one this week….
    i believed you
    wow i thnk i’m going to go hit my head against a wall a couple times now….

  8. Gongey Kong says:

    depressing….. see what bees do….

  9. Gongylittle says:

    That last post was from me.

  10. Undead Gongey says:

    Thats funny was ciara on you computer?

  11. Gongey Kong says:

    She was probably on grandma’s computer… i think i used this sight last on there….

  12. gonginatorsue says:

    so, bee-livee me when i say the bees are good at helping with beearing big veggies in the garden,so, I have to say when the garden starts growing I want to compare your bee pollinated garden to my wasp pollinated garden, may the beegist zucchini wins!!!

  13. gonginatorsue says:

    I’ll be posting to ivie family -finally! Look later today and see my cool waterfall I made, as well as some family picts.

  14. Gongey says:

    We might have to postpone the competition, I think I might be missing my queen. πŸ™

    Finally you are posting to Iviefamily.com!!!

  15. Deb says:

    Oh no that would be bad if youare missing Mary!!!! J/k can you get a new queen? actually I didnt catch the sarcasm and i was a little worried so i was glad when you posted you were being funny…I have been supwer busy and this is the first time I have been back to read your comment thou…

  16. Undead Gongey says:

    haha Thank you sue for that plethera of bee puns and add ins to words πŸ˜‰

  17. Gongey Kong says:

    haha. If your queen bee was missing bri, then that would mean the bees would bee going crazy and they would swarm every where….. I think its safe to say she is still there… Unless they are swarming and going crazy then go and buy a new queen bee…..

  18. Gongey says:

    Unfortunately that’s not how it works. πŸ™ If the queen is missing then the workers will start to lay eggs. Worker eggs turn into drones(male bees), which do nothing for the hive. And I can’t just buy another queen because I have laying workers. They would just kill the new queen outright. I am going to check them tomorrow. We will see if there is a queen after all.

  19. Undead Gongey says:

    Thats tricky business sounds like. Your still having fun with it i’m assuming?

  20. Gongey Kong says:

    oh that sucks…. so what happened?

  21. Undead Gongey says:

    [tumble weeds blow past]
    wow this family is getting…… boring…..

  22. mommy gongey says:

    Okay gongey enough with the bees. We want to know what your fam damily is up to.

  23. Undead Gongey says:

    DO IT DO IT!!! >:(

  24. Gongey Kong says:

    haha we are getting boring.something interesting to talk about helps…

  25. Merry says:

    Lets see… something interesting…What is the weirdest/grossest thing you’ve ever eaten?

  26. Undead Gongey says:

    hrm….. probably Snails…
    they were pretty good though, i dont know i dont eat weird foods that look like they can kill me often

  27. mommy gongey says:

    I ate a chicken heart. It was rubbery πŸ™‚

  28. Gongey Kong says:

    eww. when i was little i would eat tomatoe soup with marshmellows. and one time i made a sandwich that had Lays potatoe chips chocolate rice krispeys and sugar. i never ate it though cause it looked gross. i called it my special sandwhich. xD

  29. Merry says:

    I once ate a rocky mountain oyster. I was trying to be adventurous… It was too adventurous for me!

  30. Undead Gongey says:

    ew…. Rocky mountain oysters are so gross. Whoever had that idea isnt right in the head

  31. Deb says:

    LOL Rocky mountain oysters…eeek! I have had rattle snake…and yes it tastes like chicken!

  32. Undead Gongey says:

    Does it really? you know what else tastes like chicken?
    Frog legs =)

  33. Deb says:

    NO!! don’t eat Frogs!!!! they are my friends!

  34. Undead Gongey says:

    my parents didnt tell me they were frogs untill i ate them

  35. Gongey Kong says:

    yeah same with me. they were very good. you should try some! =D

  36. Deb says:

    You wont seduce me to the dark side lord kirkvador!

  37. mommy gongey says:

    AHHH! A new look. I think we need to see some more pics of your little guy πŸ™‚

  38. Undead Gongey says:

    A new look, but is there a new post?? oh the humanity

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